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Zeolite catalyst NCS-17-FCC

Zeolite catalyst
  Catalyst for the process of FCC
General data   Additive in oil cracking catalysts (FCC) to increase octane number of cat-cracked gasoline and olefins content in cracking gas (feed stock in the production of alkylate and polypropylene).
Application   Introduction of 3% of zeolite NCS-17-FCC in the cracking catalyst makes it possible to increase gasoline octane number by 1,5-2 points and feed stock content by 25%-27% and 22%-25% in alkylation processes and polypropylene production accordingly.
Catalytic activity at low residual Na2О content and in the absence of modifying elements. Catalyst is developed on the basis of ecologically clean high-silica zeolite system; which does not contain heavy metals, and is non-explosive and non-pyrophoric.
Main physical and chemical parameters:
Structural form   Zeolite of ZSM-5 type
ZSM-5 mass concentration   90% min
Mass concentration   Silicon oxide: 93,2% – 95,7%;
Aluminum oxide: 4,3% – 5,7%
Mass concentrations in zeolite powder   Zn oxide: 2% – 5%;
Al oxide: 23% max
Sodium oxide mass concentration   0,16% max
Bulk density   0,6-0,8 g/cm3
Bulk density   0,70-0,95 g/cm2
Novelty of solutions in formulations, production processes and NCS-17-FCC applications is protected by a number of the Russian patents.
Packaging   Product is packed in sealed polyethylene drums of 65 dm3 capacity. Product mass in one drum does not exceed 52 kg.
Origin   Russia

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