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Zeolite catalyst NCS-30

Zeolite catalyst
  Catalyst for the production of high-octane gasoline (components) using low-octane gasoline
General data   Production of high-octane gasoline (components) according to State Standards (GOSTs) using low-octane gasoline fractions from various sources (natural gasolines, gas condensates, oil) without any additives or blending.
Application   Catalyst is developed on the basis of ecologically clean high-silica zeolite system; which does not contain heavy metals, and is non-explosive and non-pyrophoric.
Main physical and chemical parameters:
Structural form   Zeolite of ZSM-5 type
Granules diameter   3,0 – 4,3 mm
Granules fraction   Not more than 9% below 3 mm;
Not more than 12% over 15 mm
Bulk density   0,6 – 0,86 g/cm3
Specific surface area   Not less than 300 m2/g
Mechanical crush strength   Not less than 4,2 MPa
Zeolite mass concentration   80% min
Mass concentrations in zeolite powder   Silicon oxide: 90,0% – 97,6%;
Aluminum oxide: 1,4% – 2,7%;
Sodium oxide: not more than 0,1%;
Iron oxide: 0,35% – 1,25%
Catalyst can be manufactured according to customer’s specifications.
Packaging   Product is packed in sealed polyethylene drums of 65 dm3 capacity. Product mass in one drum does not exceed 52 kg.
Origin   Russia

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